Category: Home Building Success

Avoid Costly Mistakes

How professional builders avoid some of the most common and costly construction mistakes. Most homeowners judge a home by the obvious: a floor plan that’s a joy to live in, a streetscape that wows passers-by, great natural lighting, and lots of storage. The list goes on. But some less obvious details have as great an… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Weather Protection

Question What’s the paper-like wrapping I see on new homes before the exterior siding goes on? Answer It is increasingly common for quality-conscious builders to add an extra layer of weather protection around the outside of the house. Called an air barrier or “housewrap,” this layer is installed as a continuous material just behind the… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – What is R-value?

Question What is R-value? Answer R-value is a measure of energy efficiency. The higher the R-value of the insulation, windows, and even a home’s structure, the better the house is able to block the transfer of unwanted hot or cold air through walls and ceiling. Residents of homes with high R-values experience far less variation… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Covenants and Building Codes

Question What is the legal relationship between covenants and building codes? Answer Most planned communities have legal covenants-more formally known as “codes, covenants, and restrictions.” In most cases, covenants are considered a civil contract and are not enforced or monitored by the city or town. A community’s covenants may be more restrictive than the jurisdiction… Read more »