Home Building Success 101 – Building a Complex Home

Building a complex home is a partnership between the contractor, the architect and owner. Much like a three-legged stool, each has to do his part to assure the home is built on time and in budget.
The contractor has to plan and schedule well in advance to assure a steady flow of work and to make… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – How Are Purchase Orders Used?

A purchase order (PO) is basically a price agreement between a builder and a subcontractor. With a PO system, subs and suppliers who find they need to do something on the job that will incur extra cost have to clear it with the builder first. Although POs take time to create (up to a week… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Product Changes

Question What kind of product changes can I make after the job has started? Answer Most contractors have clear policies about what changes can be made, and when. For instance, changing the bedroom paint color probably isn’t a big deal, but don’t expect to be able to alter the bathroom layout once the walls have… Read more »

Plan to Succeed

A complete set of plans and specs will eliminate problems and help ensure a smooth project. Never underestimate the importance of good plans and specifications to a successful new home build. These crucial documents need to be fully completed in order to generate a realistic price, schedule, and contract. Too often, however, they’re left undone…. Read more »