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Home Building Success 101 – What Does Housewrap Do?

Question What does housewrap do? Answer The housewrap, or weather-resistant barrier (WRB), is applied to the wall sheathing before the doors, windows, and siding are installed. It acts as a secondary watershed if any water gets behind the siding, while also keeping unwanted drafts out of the home. But while it’s impermeable to air and… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Energy Recovery Ventilators

Question Should You Consider Installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator? Answer The answer for homeowners who want to improve indoor air quality is yes. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) provide a supply of fresh, outdoor air to the house while exhausting stale indoor air. They also help save energy because the supply… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Moving Walls

Question How difficult is it to move a wall to enlarge a room? Answer That depends. If it’s a non-structural blank wall—one that doesn’t support structural loads from the roof or second story, and doesn’t include doors, windows, or plumbing—moving it slightly is usually a simple job. If the wall has doors, windows, or pipes,… Read more »

Home Building Success 101 – Building a Complex Home

Building a complex home is a partnership between the contractor, the architect and owner. Much like a three-legged stool, each has to do his part to assure the home is built on time and in budget.
The contractor has to plan and schedule well in advance to assure a steady flow of work and to make… Read more »